The problems of pet homelessness and animals in need are bigger than any volunteer group or a traditional shelter can handle alone. But TOGETHER we can make a big difference and give help and hope, to pets and to people!  The PET Projects team exists to empower, equip, and encourage members of our community -- like you! -- to address the needs of companion animals in Shelburne County, and to support owners in providing the best of care to their beloved pets!

Note about reporting animal abuse:  If you are concerned about an animal that might be a victim of abuse, we encourage you to call the provincial SPCA's toll free Cruelty Line (1-888-703-7722) or  click here to visit their website and report online.  



In honour of John "Buddy" McKay, who was well known within our community for caring for many feral and abandoned cats , we are for a limited time offering FREE spay/neuters for owned, stray and feral cats in Shelburne County.  Live traps are available to borrow for feral cats, and volunteers may be able to partner or assist.  (Available based on approved applications while funds last.)


When an animal-lover takes in a stray as an act of mercy or a family falls on hard times, sometimes the cost of spaying and neutering can be out of their reach. As funds are available, we invite owners and rescuers to apply for financial help for this vital procedure, and in doing so are helping to control the pet population.  (Available to Shelburne County residents only based on approved applications.)



An unexpected vet bill can be financially impossible for some families, meaning that a sick or injured animal may need to go without treatment, or worse. These situations lead not only to the suffering of an animal, but can devastate a loving pet owner or rescuer. PET Projects helps as we can by subsidizing vet costs.

 (Available to Shelburne County residents only.)


Has something happened in your life and you can no longer take care of your pet? Or perhaps you have found a stray or abandoned cat or dog and are committed to finding a great new home. Whatever your situation, we are here to help by partnering with you - through advice, networking, and free advertising!  

(Please note that we do not take pets into care.)


EMAIL:  info@petprojects.ca
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PHONE:  (902) 875-2367 
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FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/PET-Projects-168316759907840/

MAIL:  PET Projects, P.O. Box 267
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